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Ernesto Filardi

PostPosted: February 26, 2006 02:57 PM 

I met T-Paw only two years ago, the first (and, by the moment, the only one) time that my girlfriend (now my wife) and me went to Canada for visiting my brother Pablo and Tara, his wife. You know, we’re spanish, we don’t use to speak english, we were a kind of shy for meeting all the special people that my brother loves there in that-big-cold-and-wonderful-country-so-far-from-Spain... On that trip we met T-Paw three or four times. We just talk for a while those days, and I remember that that quiet man brought to me some special feelings: he liked to hear, to know about people and many other thoughts, always being glad just being there and making feel that if you would need anything, he’d be there for whatever.

Last year they went to Spain. My wife and me we wanted to help the canadian family whatever they needed in our “funny little country”, because we all know how hard the difference of languages can be, and, also, because we were so happy that Ted and Jacinta decided to know Spain. There were so many occasions for talking with Ted, and we were so proud of being his chauffeurs while he asked about every thing he watched. He wanted to know, do you understand? We became accustomed to grandparents that knows everything and only want to show how clever they are. I don’t doubt that T-Paw was one of the most clever men I ever seen, and I don’t doubt it because I always thought that clever people are those that knows to be everywhere, knowing how to do that people is comfortable and happy with him. About our plans of going to live to Canada, he advised us about some possibilities, as living in a farm or other things. While I was driving, I watched him through the rear-view window. He was smiling me while he said: “You know, guys, maybe I will not be there for seeing your happiness, but, wherever I am, I’ll be happy for you.” Then he changed the subject and, always cheerful, asked us about the spanish storks or maybe the walls from the Middle Age, I’m not sure.

Poets always wrote that someone is immortal when achieves to live in the memory of the people that loved him. In that case, I’m sure that, maybe, T-Paw is not here for seeing our happiness -who knows-, but, wherever he is, he will be immortal and happy for us.

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