April 2006

April 25, 2006

to jackie and the family,
i was so sorry to hear about ted's death, at least his suffering is over. the webpage is a very fitting tribute to him-well done mark!
the photos brought back lovely memories for and the happy times i spent with ted and jackie in toronto. good bless, mary


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April 04, 2006


Hello again, from sister Anne. First, a big thank you to Dianne and Paul for bringing to life the Teenage Ted you see in the cottage photos. Summers at Spencer’s Point held magic for us all. I also find magic now in the sympathy we receive by letter, phone, email and blog:

From Bermuda

Cousin James Hallett emails:
“… it sounds like Ted’s care at least gave him the benefit of being at home most of the time.”

His mother Keggie Hallett writes:
“It’s always hard when the first death in a generation comes along. Both my brothers died in 2001 … I am the only one of my generation left now, and it is a strange feeling …”

From Toronto

Colleague Margaret, who lost her B.C. brother not long ago, writes:
“It is so hard to lose a sibling -- it leaves a hole in the fabric of your life like no other.”

Hope, who lost mother, father, husband to cancer, sends:
A donation in Ted’s memory to the William Osler Health Centre Foundation in Brampton.

Frances, who lost her mother, writes:
“I’m glad you were able to spend some time with him recently and that he was able to enjoy your famous chicken soup. It’s the little things that count.”

From Ottawa

Sacred Heart Convent girlfriend Eleanor (Dunsworth) Moore, of Ottawa, writes:
“I sent a donation to Sr. Marjie Conroy’s project … for children’s education in Nairobi and Uganda. Amazing work that Ted would have supported.”

From Berkeley, California:

John Yap, our ‘extra’ brother from university days in Montreal and Ted’s Best Man, emails:
“Looking through the pictures on his web site, I remembered the days I spent with him in Montreal and Toronto as if they were just last week I will forever keep those images in my heart … I, too, remember how witty and handsome he was.”

From Etobicoke:

This last entry is especially for Ted’s children. For a decade, my friend Leslie cared for a father immobilized by stroke; she emails:
“The website is amazing and the eulogy made me cry. Your brother looked like you. The family resemblance is definitely there. I love the picture of you in the wagon … Thank you for sharing this with me.”


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